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frequently asked questions

Are children allowed at The Upside Pub? 

If you are cool enough to have your kid in a bar, then we are cool enough to welcome them. All we ask is that you keep them close. 

What time is your kitchen open until? 

Our kitchen is open until 10pm Sunday-Wednesday and 11pm Thursday-Saturday

Do you have WIFI?

Heck yes! We've got fast WIFI and a bunch of plugs. Come 'work from home' just from here. 

Are you a full liquor establishment? 

Yep! We have beer, wine and liquor, as well as a small variety of tasty non-alocoholic options. 

Do you offer food items for different dietary restirctions?

We sure do! However all of our food is made in the same super small kitchen, so cross contamination with meat, gluten, and soy is inevitable. If you have an allergy, please let us know and we will try our best to accomodate within our space constraints. 


Do you have live music? 

Not yet, but we'll update you on our events page should that change.  

Are dogs allowed at The Upside Pub?

You bet! Furry friends are more than welcome on our patio.

Do you get all the sports channels I'm looking for? 

We have a bunch of sports channels including NFL Sunday Ticket, but feel free to call in advance if you are looking for something more esoteric. Please also be aware that while we love our sports (and our sports fans), we are not a sports bar, so most games will be played without sound unless previously discussed or advertised. 

Still looking for the answer to your question? 

Drop us a line at or 832-667-8487

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